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What is the role of a fire warden?

What is the role of a fire warden?

What is the role of a fire warden?

Fire wardens take on many responsibilities in dangerous situations. Important tasks include associating people, directing them to designated meeting places, counting heads and assisting emergency assistants and emergency services staff. Your role may also include emergency management planning in collaboration with the chief warden and building manager, as well as equipment maintenance to ensure you are ready to act at all times.

The Fire Warden training delivered by Real Response will accelerate your skills and knowledge base.

Skills :

• Help those who need immediate help

• Use head counting and accounting methods for people

• Conduct systematic search patterns in designated areas

• Contribute to emergency response planning and management procedures

• Communicate clearly in accordance with established workplace emergency procedures

• Use of appropriate emergency equipment provided to you in the role of your fire warden


• Understand transfer priorities

• Hazard and risk identification and mitigation

• Assess, anticipate and evaluate the development of emergencies

• Emergency signals, fire alarms and warnings

• Command, control and coordination of emergency procedures

• Communication with emergency services and first aid personnel

• Keep records, make incident reports and complete all documentation

What is the role of a fire warden?

The job of a fire warden is proactive and reactive. The primary proactive responsibility is to prevent fires from occurring by reducing fire hazards, while the primary reactive fire warden’s responsibility is to carry out prompt building evacuations in accordance with workplace procedures for everyone’s safety. Every situation is different, and you may need to raise alarms, use fire extinguishers, assist people with disabilities, isolate hazardous materials or coordinate calls at your designated extinguishing point. As a fire warden, you will be an important liaison in the life-saving chain.


Building occupants need to understand emergency building evacuation procedures. Property owners and managers are responsible for ensuring that all relevant building systems comply with established standards, including the implementation of effective emergency evacuation procedures. Your fully compliant emergency evacuation plan will include accurate and easy-to-follow evacuation diagrams of all routes and exits, placed in highly visible locations.


Building owners and managers are expected to have firefighters on-site in the event of an emergency. There are various fire risk factors that determine the ideal number of fire wardens for an establishment, although there is nothing wrong with having several fire wardens to accommodate regular wardens during holidays or holidays. Here are some considerations for your fire warden checklist.

• Number of floors in a building, with at least one or two firefighters per floor

• The number of occupants per floor, and the high risk of fire in your premises

• Types of building occupants, including children, the elderly, and people with disabilities

• Functional workplaces, with shift work environments that require more firefighters

• Presence of flammable materials, chemicals and other flammable materials.

The role and responsibilities of a fire warden continue to evolve to suit modern society, and such qualifications are sorely needed throughout the premises.

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