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Fire Safety Facilities

Fire Safety Facilities

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Choosing the right fire safety course is essential for improving your skills and knowledge in fire prevention and response. Courses are available at all levels, from basic awareness to advanced training for professionals. Select the course that matches your goals and prioritize fire safety in your life or career.

Active & Passive Fire System in Building

Understanding Fire Science and Behavior

Explore the principles of fire science, understanding how fires initiate, propagate, and react to various materials.

Active Fire Protection Systems

Learn about the design and installation of active fire protection systems, including fire alarms, sprinklers, and suppression systems.

Passive Fire Protection Measures

Explore how building design and construction can contribute to fire containment and prevention.

Application Requirement for CCC in Fire Scope

Understanding CCC and Regulatory Frameworks

Explore relevant national and local regulatory frameworks governing fire safety standards.

Application Eligibility Criteria

Clarify the eligibility criteria for obtaining a CCC in the fire safety scope.

Fire Safety Standards Compliance

Ensure an understanding of how compliance with these standards contributes to a successful CCC application.

Basic Fire

Fire Science Fundamentals

Provide an introduction to the basic principles of fire science.

Understanding Fire Hazards

Explore the causes of fires, including electrical, chemical, and human factors.

Basic Fire Safety Equipment

Familiarise participants with essential fire safety equipment, including alarms and emergency lighting.

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