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What is the OKK? (Organisasi Keselamatan Kebakaran)

What is the OKK? (Organisasi Keselamatan Kebakaran)

Organisasi Keselamatan Kebakaran

Organisasi Keselamatan Kebakaran (OKK) plays a pivotal role in ensuring fire safety within designated premises. Its establishment is a prerequisite for obtaining the Fire Certificate, highlighting its importance in safeguarding lives and properties against the devastating effects of fires. In this article, we delve into the specifics of OKK, its composition, tasks, responsibilities, functions, and its crucial role during emergencies.

The formation of OKK within designated premises mandates the appointment of a Fire Safety Manager (FSM) and at least three Fire Safety Officers (FSO). This structure ensures comprehensive coverage and expertise in fire safety management. The responsibilities assigned to the property owner, occupant, or individual managing the premises include providing the necessary equipment for fire prevention and safety, furnishing relevant fire safety information, notifying the Chief Director of any changes in personnel within a specified timeframe, and promptly appointing replacements when needed.

The Fire Safety Registration Committee is tasked with evaluating applications for FSM and FSO certification, making decisions on approval or rejection, and reviewing competency courses and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programs for FSM and FSO.

The duties and powers of OKK, as outlined in Regulation 6E P.U. (A) 241, encompass various critical aspects of fire safety management:

  • Overall Responsibility: OKK is accountable for the fire safety of the designated premises.
  • Preventing Hazardous Situations: OKK must address fire hazards discovered within the premises before the arrival of firefighting personnel.
  • Emergency Action Plan: OKK is responsible for developing a Fire and Emergency Action Plan and maintaining related records at the fire operations center.
  • Maintenance of Fire Equipment: Ensuring all fire-fighting equipment and fire safety installations within the designated premises are maintained in good condition.
  • Training and Education: OKK members must attend prescribed courses or training sessions and conduct fire safety training for occupants at least once a year.
  • Fire Drills: Conduct fire drills on the premises at least once a year to ensure preparedness.
  • Adherence to the Director’s Directives: Carrying out any other tasks as directed by the Chief Director.

The functions and roles of OKK extend beyond routine management tasks, particularly during emergencies:

Emergency Response: Providing guidance for evacuation or rescue operations before the arrival of firefighting personnel and employing firefighting equipment to control the situation.

Hazard Mitigation: Identifying and eliminating fire hazards within the premises promptly.

In summary, OKK is vital in proactively managing fire safety within designated premises. Its establishment and adherence to regulations not only ensure compliance but also contribute significantly to reducing the risk of fire-related incidents and minimizing their potential impact. By fulfilling its duties diligently, OKK serves as a cornerstone in safeguarding lives and properties against the destructive force of fires.

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