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What is Fire Warden

What is Fire Warden

A fire warden is a person appointed by the person responsible for activities in the workplace, or workplace managers, to assist them in implementing the necessary fire safety arrangements. It is to prevent fire from endangering the health and safety of occupants and other related persons.

The Fire Warden plays an important role in ensuring the continuity of the workplace and is always prepared for fire emergencies. Along with the Emergency Plan, designed by the Workplace Manager, the Fire Warden is an important risk control measure to ensure the workplace is prepared in the event of an emergency situation-possibly a fire-occurring.


  • To assist Workplace Managers in implementing and improving effective emergency arrangements in the workplace
  • To assist in emergency prevention by monitoring the adequacy of fire risk control
  • To raise awareness with other staff about the dangers of fire that exist in the workplace
  • To instruct occupants in actions to be taken in response to a fire emergency
  • To assist workplace managers in conducting simulated Fire Evacuation Exercises to evaluate the effectiveness of emergency arrangements – they should be familiar with all fire emergency escape routes and exit designated areas
  • To ensure everyone from within the workplace is taken into account during evacuation
  • To help everyone in the workplace in the event of an emergency, including helping people with special needs, e.g. helping someone in a wheelchair to move

If a fire alarm is sounded, the Fire Warden has a duty of care to assist in the safe evacuation of all occupants of the workplace including visitors and ensure the designated area has been cleared.

During the evacuation, the Fire Warden must:

  • Instruct everyone to leave the workplace/building using all appropriate routes and exits,
  • Check all accessible spaces in their area, including bathrooms and toilets, to make sure everyone has moved – this should be done when leaving the area so as not to expose themselves to unnecessary risk or delay
  • Close windows and doors behind it to isolate any spread of fire
  • Guide everyone to the designated Fire Assembly Area and assist in confirming that everyone has arrived safely
  • To contact the Emergency Services upon arrival at the premises and inform them of any relevant details related to the fire incident and follow any instructions given.

The Fire Warden shall be provided by the workplace manager with full authority to conduct Fire Emergency Evacuation Training and staff aware of the delegated authority.

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