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Fire Warden and Management


Basic Fire Science

• Facts about fire
• Fire Triangle
• Fire Development theory
• Principal Causes of Spread of Fire
• Class of Fire
• Method of Extinguishment

Basic Fire Safety

• Introduction to Fire Safety
• Fire Safety Plan
• General Fire Risk Assessment
• General Fire Safety Audit
• Escape from smoke filled area

Fire Evaluation

• Introduction to Fire Evaluation
• Fire Escape / Evaluation Plan
• Fire Warden System
• Headcount and Mustering process

Portable Fire Extinguisher

• Introduction to Portable Fire Extinguisher
• Type of Portable Fire Extinguisher
• Selection and installation of Portable Fire Extinguisher
• Operating Portable Fire Extinguisher

Hose & Hose Fitting

• Introduction to Hose & Hose Fittings
• Hose Deployment and Recommissioning
• Hose Handling Technique
• Hydrant & Accessories
• Nozzle Operation

Basic Rescue

• Rescue Pre-Planning
• Priority of Rescue
• Emergency/ Improvised Rescue
• Stretcher Based Rescue

Self-Contain Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) Refresher

• Basic of Breathing Apparatus
• Working duration of Breathing Apparatus
• Type of Breathing Apparatus
• Donning and Doffing of Breathing Apparatus


Smoke Escape Procedure

• Smoke Escape procedure
• Portable Fire Extinguisher Operation

Hose Deployment & recommission

• Hose Deployment & recommission
• Hydrant Operation
• Hose Handling

SCBA Operation

• SCBA Operation
• Working with SCBA

Emergency Response Simulation

• Emergency Response simulation (scenario based)

Rescue In Confined Space


Confined Spaces and Their Hazards
Confined Space Rescue Pre-Plan
Confined Space Rescue Operation

• CSR team composition
• Standard Operating Procedure
• Phases of Confined Space Rescue

Confined Space Rescue Equipment

• Overview of Confined Space Rescue Equipment
• Rescue Retrieval Equipment
• Breathing Apparatus
• Tripod and edge management equipment
• Rope Rescue Software and Hardware
• Confined Space Stretchers
• Air Ventilation equipment
• Communication Equipment


Self Contains Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)

• Skill Set 1 – Donning of SCBA
• Skill Set 2 – Doffing of SCBA
• Skill Set 3 – Basic SCBA Drills

Confined Space Rescue Equipment familiarization

• Skill Set 1 – Tripod & Mechanical Advantage setup
• Skill Set 2 – Confined Space Stretcher Operation
• Skill Set 3 – Basic Operational Signals

Casualty Retrieval Process

• Skill Set 1 – Retrieval using Mechanical Winch
• Skill Set 2 – Retrieval using Rope System

Rescue Procedure

• Skill Set 1 – Non-Entry Rescue
• Skill Set 2 – Entry Rescue – Horizontal
• Skill Set 3 – Entry Rescue – Vertical

Confined Space Rescue Simulation

Active and Passive Fire System in Building


Introduction of Fire Protection Facilities
Common Types of Fire Protection Facilities
Flow of Events During a Fire Emergency
Fire Protection Facilities need Maintenance
Maintenance stages
NFPA 2001
Benefit of Proper Maintenance
Problem Faced for Maintenance and Good Practices
Basic Tips for Fire Protection Facilities Visual Inspection

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Choosing the right fire safety course is essential for improving your skills and knowledge in fire prevention and response. Courses are available at all levels, from basic awareness to advanced training for professionals. Select the course that matches your goals and prioritize fire safety in your life or career.”

Active and Passive Fire System in Building

Understand the types of fire protection system

Understand the types of fire protection system ie; active and passive

Understand flow of event

Understand the flow of events during fire emergency

Understand fire protection

Understand fire protection facilities and management

Understand problem faced

Understand problem faced for maintenance and good practices

Fire Warden Management

9-min (1)
Understand different types

Understand different types of fire extinguisher

Demonstrate the use of the fire

Demonstrate the use of the fire extinguisher promptly

Demonstrate the ability to manage

Demonstrate the ability to manage small fire, safely and effectively

Plan and prepare

Plan and prepare effective

emergency plans

Develop the hierarchy

Develop the hierarchy of commands

Understand Evacuation

Understand Evacuation & Emergency response procedures

Lead and contribute

Lead and contribute directly in the event of emergency

Rescue In Confined Space

Conduct monitoring of the environment

Conduct monitoring of the environment using appropriate equipment and personal protective equipment to assess the situation

Prepare and enter a confined space

Prepare and enter a confined space-maintaining communication, using PPE and confined space rescue tool kit to maintain the safety

Package a victim for removal

Package a victim for removal from confined space to minimize harm; and

Remove all entrants

Remove all entrants from a confined

space with established PPE, retrieval

systems and ensure victims are


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