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Active and Passive Fire System in Building

Active and Passive Fire System in Building

Curriculum Duration ( 2 Days )

Active protection measures like fire alarms, sprinklers, fire extinguishers, standpipe systems, and smoke extraction can aid in the containment of fires and the protection of property and lives. These systems require automation to function properly so that when fire and smoke are detected in a facility, a fire/smoke alarm will inform people who are within.

Passive fire protection refers to a combination of systems that compartmentalise a building through fire-rated walls and floors, as well as structural protection, preventing a fire from spreading fast and safeguarding a building structure for as long as possible to allow building inhabitants to escape.

Course Outcome:

Understand the types of fire protection system ie; active and passive

Undertsnad flow of event during fire emergency

Undertstand fire protection facilities and management

Understand problem faced for maintenance and good practices

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