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Fire Warden and Management

Fire Warden and Management

Curriculum Duration ( 2 Days )

This course is specially designed to introduce trainees to the duties and responsibilities of a Fire Fighting Team & Fire Warden and to obtain the necessary skills of fire safety, prevention and risk assessment.

This course provides awareness of the danger of fire, guidance in the use of extinguishers and how to carry out the fire routine procedures. The training also helps employers develop emergency response plans that will meet the specific needs of their businesses.

This program trains ERT members to handle various emergencies by developing Emergency Response Plan (ERP), understanding Emergency Procedures and executing Incident Command System (ICS) during disasters.

Course Outcome:

Understand different types of fire extinguisher

Demonstrate the use of the fire extinguisher promptly

Demonstrate the ability to manage small fire, safely and effectively

Plan and prepare effective

emergency plans

Develop the hierarchy of commands

Understand Evacuation & Emergency response procedures

Lead and contribute directly in the event of emergency

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