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Rescue In Confined Space

Rescue In Confined Space

Curriculum Duration ( 2 Days )

This course design is in reference to the standards set by NFPA 1006 (Confined Space Level 1). Students learn to recognize and monitor the hazards of a confined space and identify which hazards can be managed.external Emergency Response Service.)

Basic skills are developed so that students can safely and effectively manage the hazard. Students learn how to properly enter a confined space, clear others from the confined space, and prepare a victim for removal.

This course emphasizes the inherently dangerous aspects of technical rescue and the rigorous activities which must be performed in adverse conditions

Course Outcome:

Conduct monitoring of the environment using appropriate equipment and personal protective equipment to assess the situation

Prepare and enter a confined space-maintaining communication, using PPE and confined space rescue tool kit to maintain the safety

Package a victim for removal from confined space to minimize harm; and

Remove all entrants from a confined

space with established PPE, retrieval

systems and ensure victims are


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