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Malaysian Fire Drill Requirement: Malaysian Fire Drill Requirement

Malaysian Fire Drill Requirement: Malaysian Fire Drill Requirement

Fire drills are essential for maintaining the safety of your employees, students, residents, and customers that enter your business, building, or property. Regular fire drills can assist guarantee that people have the information they need to safely escape a fire without hurting themselves or others.

In general, the fire drill serves as an opportunity for the tenant to demonstrate, under simulated fire conditions, that they can safely complete evacuation and that they are aware of their obligations.

The Fire and Rescue Department Malaysia (BOMBA) is in charge of conducting and supervising fire drills, while the regulations and guidelines associated with fire drills are the Uniform Building By-Law (UBBL) 1984, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Codes and Standards, Fire Services Act 1988 and Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) code, and Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) 1994.

According to The Star Web’s online storey headlined “Fire Drills must be performed at least once a year,’” libraries, hospitals, hotels, hostels, workplaces, and government facilities must conduct fire drills at least once a year, according to Tan Sri Noh Omar.

It is critical to ensure that individuals are always watchful and aware of any emergency warnings, as well as aware of the urgent measures and emergency routes to be taken in the event of a fire.

The fire exercise also sought to guarantee that the Fire Safety Team and the Floor Captains/Assistant Captains could move promptly to fulfil their roles as a team in assisting the personnel in evacuating the building.

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