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NFPA 1041 Fire Service Instructor II

Course Description

The NFPA 1041 Fire Service Instructor II course is designed to provide advanced training for individuals seeking to become proficient fire service instructors. This course builds upon the foundational knowledge and skills gained in Fire Service Instructor I, focusing on more advanced instructional techniques and strategies. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has established this standard to ensure that fire service instructors possess the necessary expertise to train and educate personnel within the fire service community effectively.

Target Group

The NFPA 1041 Fire Service Instructor II course is designed for seasoned fire service instructors, training officers, or individuals in supervisory roles within fire service training divisions. It is suitable for those seeking to elevate their instructional leadership, manage training programs, and contribute to the professional development of fire service personnel.

Course Outcomes

  • Design and develop advanced training curricula that align with organizational objectives.
  • Implement strategies for program organisation, coordination, and assessment.
  • Drive continuous improvement in instructional methods and program delivery based on assessment outcomes.
  • Promote ongoing professional development for instructors within the fire service.
  • Provide effective mentorship to junior instructors, supporting their growth and development.

Course Duration

NFPA course duration may vary depending on the participant’s qualifications.

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