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NFPA 1021 Fire Officer I

Course Description

The NFPA 1021 Fire Officer I course is a comprehensive training program to prepare firefighters and emergency personnel for leadership roles within a fire service organisation. Aligned with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards, this course focuses on developing essential skills and knowledge required for entry-level fire officer positions. Participants will engage in theoretical instruction, practical exercises, and case studies to build leadership, management, and decision-making competencies within the fire service.

Target Group

The NFPA 1021 Fire Officer I course suits firefighters, company officers, and individuals aspiring to advance their careers in the fire service by assuming leadership positions. It is particularly relevant for those seeking to enhance their fire service management and incident command knowledge.

Course Outcomes

  • Demonstrate effective leadership and supervisory skills within the fire service.
  • Exhibit ethical behaviour and professionalism in fire service activities.
  • Make ethical decisions and uphold the principles of integrity and accountability.
  • Coordinate response efforts and resources to enhance overall incident management.
  • Implement best practices for maintaining a safe and healthy work environment.

Course Duration

NFPA course duration may vary depending on the participant’s qualifications.

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