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NFPA 1031 Fire Inspector I

NFPA 1031 Fire Inspector I

Curriculum Description

The Fire Inspector I course serves as a foundational training programme designed to prepare those who have goals of pursuing a career as a fire inspector. The primary objective of this course is to provide participants with the necessary information and abilities to execute thorough fire inspections and assessments in various settings. The focus of the training is on ensuring compliance with fire regulations and safety requirements. This course acts as the primary component in a sequence of educational programmes aimed at developing skilled fire inspectors who hold a pivotal position in bolstering fire safety and prevention efforts within their respective communities.


  • Participants will grasp fire inspectors’ duties and responsibilities, including their critical role in fire prevention and safety enhancement.

  • Learners will receive an in-depth knowledge of fire codes, regulations, and standards, allowing them to apply them during inspections successfully.
  • Participants will be capable of analysing and evaluating building and life safety systems to ensure they meet applicable codes and regulations. Fire alarms, sprinkler systems, emergency exits, and fire extinguishers are all included.
  • Participants will gain the skills and knowledge to organise, conduct, and document fire inspections in various settings. This includes comprehending the inspection procedure and conducting complete checks.
  • Participants will be able to recognise potential fire threats and safety violations in various occupancies, as well as provide corrective actions and changes.
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