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NFPA 1001 Fire Fighter I

NFPA 1001 Fire Fighter I

Curriculum Description

The Fire Fighter I course, as outlined in NFPA 1001, is an entry-level training programme that aims to equip learners with the essential information and abilities necessary to carry out firefighting operations safely and efficiently. This course serves as the fundamental basis for individuals who aspire to obtain certification as firefighters and establishes the necessary framework for subsequent, more advanced training. The participants will acquire knowledge of fundamental principles related to fire service, encompassing topics such as fire behaviour, equipment operation, fire suppression tactics, and ensuring individuals’ safety.


  • Participants will obtain a complete understanding of the fire service’s roles and responsibilities, including the chain of command, fire department organisation, and the Incident Command System (ICS).
  • Students will learn about fire behaviour, including combustion principles, heat transport, and fire phases. This information allows them to predict and respond to fire activity successfully.
  • Participants will learn about fire ground operations, such as fire assault, search and rescue, ventilation, and salvage and overhaul. They will be able to carry out these activities safely and efficiently.
  • Trainees will gain proficiency in hose and nozzle types, deployment techniques, and the use of water streams, all of which are key components of firefighting.
  • Participants will learn fire suppression tactics, including various extinguishment methods and strategies for controlling and extinguishing fires. They will also learn and apply firefighting safety procedures.
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