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Curriculum Duration ( 1 Day )

JSA stands for Job Safety Analysis, which is a method of identifying and assessing the hazards and risks of a specific job or task.

HIRARC stands for Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Risk Control. It is a process of identifying and evaluating the hazards and risks of an activity or operation in a broader scope, such as a project, a process, or a facility.

The course covers topics such as different types of hazards, methods of identifying hazards, risk assessment and control measures, and documenting HIRARC.

Course Outcome:

Understand Hazards

Understand different types of hazard.

Understand different methods of identifying hazard.

Managing hazard

Learn how to manage hazard and risk proactively

Risk assessment and control measure

Able to plan risk assessment and effective control measure

Documentation of HIRARC / JSA

Able to produce systematic and comprehensive documentation for HIRARC/ JSA

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