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Basic Course of Firefighting & Rescue

Basic Course of Firefighting & Rescue

Course Description

The Basic Course of Firefighting & Rescue is designed to provide participants with fundamental knowledge and practical skills essential for responding to and managing firefighting and rescue situations. This comprehensive course covers the basic principles of fire science, firefighting techniques, and rescue operations to ensure that participants are well-equipped to handle emergencies effectively and safely.

Target Group

This course is suitable for individuals aspiring to become firefighters, emergency responders, or anyone interested in acquiring basic firefighting and rescue skills. It is also beneficial for professionals in related fields, such as security personnel, industrial workers, and community volunteers.

Course Outcomes

  • Recognition and identification of different types of fires and associated hazards.
  • Application of appropriate techniques for fire extinguishment using various methods.
  • Adherence to safety protocols and procedures during firefighting and rescue – operations.
  • Understanding of the Incident Command System (ICS) structure and functionality.
  • Demonstration of critical thinking skills in assessing and responding to dynamic emergencies.

Course Duration

This course typically spans 1 day, including both theoretical classroom sessions and hands-on practical training.

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