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Basic Fire Investigation

Basic Fire Investigation

Course Description

The Basic Fire Investigation course is designed to provide participants with fundamental knowledge and skills in investigating fire incidents. Aimed at fire safety professionals, law enforcement personnel, and individuals involved in emergency response, this course covers essential aspects of fire scene examination, evidence collection, and initial determination of fire origin and cause. Participants will engage in theoretical learning, hands-on exercises, and case studies to develop a foundational understanding of fire investigation principles.

Target Group

The course is tailored for fire investigators, fire safety officers, law enforcement personnel, insurance professionals, and individuals seeking to acquire basic skills in determining the origin and cause of fires. It is suitable for those who play a role in post-incident analysis and investigations.

Course Outcomes

  • Conduct systematic examinations of fire scenes, identify fire patterns, and assess fire damage.
  • Collect, document, and preserve physical evidence with a focus on maintaining its integrity throughout the investigation.
  • Produce clear, concise, and accurate documentation and reports related to fire investigations.
  • Recognize the roles of various stakeholders and foster effective communication in a coordinated investigation.
  • Analyse real-life case studies to apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios.

Course Duration

This foundational course typically spans 1 day, allowing participants to delve into the intricacies of fire investigation through a blend of classroom instruction and practical application.

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