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Fire Drill Management

Fire Drill Management

Curriculum Duration ( 1 Day )

Fire drills play an important role in a firm’s fire safety strategy and help save a life. Siren Training can oversee your fire drill and give in-depth feedback for the Fire Marshals and those who have Fire evacuation responsibilities in the workplace

We would then also follow this up with a report allowing you to be aware of what you need to improve on in future.

An organised and effective fire drill will allow staff:

  • To use exit routes they may not use on a regular basis.

  • To gain experience evacuating a building safely and quickly.

  • To remain calm in the real scenario

Course Outcome:

Provide all employees with fire instruction and training so that they know what to do in the event of a fire.

Understand the importance of fire drill

Demonstrate correct response and actions during fire drill

Conduct fire drill practical

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