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Basic Fire Safety

Basic Fire Safety

Curriculum Duration ( 1 Day )

This course will develop basic skills and knowledge of Emergency Response Team (ERT) members in preparing themselves in emergency accordingly and to safely conduct initial firefighting and rescue activity before the arrival of external Emergency Response Service.)

Course Outcome:

Understand Basic Fire Science, Fire

Development Growth and principles

of rescue

Define basic rescue priority and

initiate basic rescue planning

Understand class of Fire and

principal method of Fire


Demonstrate different rescue

operation technique (non-improvised

and improvised) such as using rescue


Demonstrate initial Firefighting

response using first aid firefighting

equipment such as Portable Fire

Extinguisher, Fire Hose Reel and Fire


Demonstrate basic rescue technique

(non-improvised and improvised)

such as using foldable stretcher,

utilizing blanket, stretcher-based

rescue method and snatch rescue.

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