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Possible Ways Your Fire Protection System Could Be Violating Local Fire Code

Installing a fire protection system in a building demonstrates your commitment to safety and the safety of your residents, colleagues, or employees. These people rely on you to have the proper systems in place to ensure their safety in the event of a fire. regular inspection is essential.
These four common fire suppression system problems can hinder or hinder the proper operation of a fire suppression system, reducing its ability to protect buildings and people from fire.

Dirty Smoke Detectors


Ensure that all smoke detectors installed in ventilation system ducts are properly cleaned, tested and functioning. Larger buildings often have extensive ventilation systems with smoke detectors installed in the ducts and dust systems. These detectors detect smoke from filters, engines and fans and give an early warning to take action.

A lot of air flows through the air filters in the ventilation system and the filters fill up quickly. It accumulates dust and dirt quickly and should be replaced regularly. A fire suppression system will only work if you properly maintain your smoke detectors and regularly clean or replace the air filters in your ducts.

Blocked Fire Exits